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Richard’s Blog 

May 12th 2017

I am clearly very confused, all about all of my life.

I thought I was getting along very well in my life, but now I'm making big mistakes. I thought I was doing rather well setting up my own company Dolphin Multimedia. I set that company up with a good friend Andrew Stout in 1998. I have absolutely no memory of 1999 at all because of my bad crash. I have been told I had my bad crash on 24/11/1999. But I have absolutely no memory of that entire year because I was smacked on the head and I have post traumatic amnesia.

May 19th 2017

I have been helped by my personal assistants Derrick and Karl and they are both great and have helped greatly. I like my two PAs greatly.

June 7th 2017

I am very happy with my helpers who are typing this at the very moment

I think that my story is inspiring for other parents who have children suffering brain bleeds such as mine, and I'm willing to help other people who have suffered similar injuries.

I am too fat, my highest weight was 17st. 9lbs. I have lost 2lbs. Already in two weeks and I'm writing this now. I'm aiming to lose 3st.7lbs. Because I want to weigh a lot less. Therefore I'm trying to be a Slim Jim

June 15th 2017

These two young men (Derrick and Karl) are helping me so much to bring me back to life and are helping me come back to full reality. They are helping me to gain full awareness of my situation and are my two good friends. I don't know why they are doing this, as I feel so grateful that they are doing this for me